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Jewelry Artist

Professionally, I have always worked as an interior designer with design firms, North American destination clubs and independently with resorts. I also owned a retail home furnishings and European antiques store in Kansas City. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Art History and Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design. Known for not “coloring within the lines” or “following ALL the rules” I was mesmerized with my first encounter with silver clay. I found that it combined my love of precious metals, gemstones and ceramic techniques. Disappointed with traditional silversmithing, I really connected with the responsiveness of silver clay. I love that my creations are just me, the material and my hands doing the talking. PMC Connection Level III Certified, Level I, Certified Senior Instructor PMC Guild member Certified Instructor with Hadar Jacobson Clays

“Art to Jewelry” is an expression of one’s personality that beckons to be touched, worn and appreciated.”